It's Never About Disability.

It's Always About Ability!

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What Makes Circle of Friends HYDAS So Successful?

We Always Socialize our Young Adults even if they are over 21.

That means creating events that are in public, allowing our Young Adults to socialize and learn how to interact in "real world" situations.

• Dances

• Bowl-a-thons

• Sporting Events

• Dinners

• Social Outings and Trips

While having fun, our young adults are also learning. We create all of our social events with the emphasis on:

• Building self-confidence

• Learning Appropriate Behavior

• Self-esteem

• Problem Solving Skills

• Achieve Successes

A Big Thank you to our volunteers! It is only because of your dedication that we are able to give them more of these opportunities. With your support and participation we will be able to continue to enjoy the many activities provided by The Circle of Friends for HYDAS! It is because of you and a very gracious support system that has allowed us to continue bringing much needed awareness to a cause that is so near and close to our hearts!

Remember! It’s never about disability… It’s always about ability!

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